Ann Lucas for Wyoming



Returning to Conservative Values – Not Big Government

The government is meant to provide security and structure for society, but politicians in our capitol are constantly reaching outside their bounds. It’s not the government’s job to find us jobs, feed us, clothe us, raise our children, dictate our health care concerns, or restrict our speech or practice of religion. My yardstick for “good government” comes from the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions, and my character and principles come from my faith in Jesus Christ. We need small and limited government, and we only do that by keeping the socialists and scoundrels out of office.


Empowering Parents in Making Decisions for Their Children

When it comes to education or healthcare, parents should have the final say, not the government. The control of our schools must be wrested away from education bureaucrats, and we must put a stop to the Democrats’ socialist agenda in classrooms.CRT and sexual and gender identity-based education in our schools are some of the biggest evils our children face, and I will write the bill to put a stop to it. Parents must be the ultimate authority on their children’s education. Our children do NOT belong to the government. I favor school choice and education savings accounts.

Protecting Life and Liberty

Since I was a little girl, I have marveled at the wonder of life and its development, even at the earliest stage of gestation. Growing up in Chicago I knew girls who had abortions and it just wasn’t in my vocabulary. We owe it to our future generations to cultivate a culture of life, to defend the most basic human right afforded to us. Similarly, Wyoming leaders have a duty to hold the line on our freedoms granted to us by God and cemented in the Constitution. We shouldn’t leave it up to DC politicians to protect our right to life. free speech and freedom of religion. It starts with our state legislature. I will protect the rights of all Wyomingites.

Standing Strong on the Second Amendment

Here in Wyoming, we very much enjoy our right to bear arms. We must not cede ground on gun rights, because the second we do, we will lose them. Red flag laws and other gun control agendas are tools of the leftists to disarm law-abiding citizens without due process. We should have the ability to protect ourselves and our families in our homes, at churches, college campuses, schools, and public buildings.

Providing Real, Meaningful Tax Relief

I worked most of my adult life in financial cooperatives, where all expenses are paid from the members’ money. Similarly, the government has no money of its own, and relies on taxes to keep it running. The problem is politicians stretch the budget to see just how much they can get away with little to no justification of why they’re spending all that money. Sometimes they don’t even spend it all, but turn around and ask for even more! There is no question that our government can cut spending. Our tax dollars currently fund large, bureaucratic agencies that should be privately funded. We hand big corporations government subsidies and tax breaks that shift the tax burden onto the backs of normal citizens. We need to rein in spending and give Wyoming residents the real tax relief they deserve.

Securing Our Elections

There is no greater assault to our Republic than allowing a weak election system to operate in our state. Liberal Democrats are actively trying to steal our elections. We must remain vigilant. We can’t open the door to voter fraud or leftist tactics like ranked choice voting.