Ann Lucas for Wyoming

Ann Lucas for Wyoming

Meet Ann


I am serious about carrying the torch for Republican values.

I support the Wyoming Republican Party platform and I’ve attended just about every Laramie County Republican Party Central Committee meeting since the summer of 2020. We’ve traveled around the state attending Wyoming Republican Party meetings and events. My husband Pat and I are both Central Committee members. We are Christians.

I am so sure of what I believe in because I was raised in a Democrat family in Illinois. It’s a different world than Wyoming, but it reminds me that we must fight for every freedom we have or we will lose it.

Even as a young girl I knew I was meant to serve. I married my high school sweetheart. He joined the Navy and we moved to Guam in service to our country. We have two grown children, Tim and Therese. Pat and I married in 2000, while he was serving in the USAF. We moved to Cheyenne in 2002 because of the good schools and wholesome, conservative culture. Pat has two children, Meghan and Michael and I consider them my own. Pat retired from the Air Force after 23 years. We have three granddaughters, Annaliese, Alleyah, and Freya. Since they don’t live nearby, we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. We also have a grandson, Jameson, who is four and the apple of my eye.

Here in Wyoming I served on the Board of Directors for our local homeless shelter, COMEA, and for the Cheyenne Rotary After Hours Club until 2022. I was Treasurer of the Wyoming Jump$tart Organization for over ten years, which sets our youth up for financial success.

I retired as EVP of a local credit union after 40 years working in the industry. Now I dedicate my time to educating the community and my neighbors in how to reduce their debt and budget. I did a lot of community seminars, was on TV and even had my own radio show for a couple years. I’m an accounting geek who understands budgets and taxes and I have a degree in Business Management.

My hobbies include quilting, reading, and baking. Pat is a car enthusiast. You’ll be seeing us around in our old cars, especially during the good weather.

I’m proven, prepared, and ready to take on the political establishment and return us to the solid, commonsense, conservative values that Wyoming deserves.